Ministry in Japan

Happy Day

The first song we sang at church today was “Happy Day” by Tim Hughes. Do you know that one? “Oh Happy Day Happy Day you washed my sin away.” It was a great start to the morning and described today perfectly. It was a happy day. Meet Uki, your new brother in Christ. Today is […]

First Sunday in Imaike

This past Sunday (March 17th) we had our first church service at the new building. It was awesome. I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I felt after stepping off the elevator into the burnt orange lobby with doors that opened up into a large room that is our worship center. Three and a […]

Wow… God is good.

I’m tired and need to go to bed but I just wanted to post these two pictures really quick: This picture was taken in July of 2010: our last Sunday meeting at Strikers Sports Bar for church. This was the staff and a few core members of MSCC. This picture was taken today: our last […]

New Location: Endless Possibilities

For those of you who haven’t heard MSCC Nagoya is moving to a new location next month! Everytime I see the new space I can’t believe how awesome it will be to have a place to have church and/or activities everyday of the week! For most of you American readers of our blog who attend […]

Top 12 of 2012

Happy New Year everyone! It’s still 2012 for another few minutes here in Japan… Jared and I are just trying to stay awake until 12:00… we’ll probably be in bed by 12:05 though. 🙂 Here are our top 12 from 2012!! 1. MSCC- Nagoya The church MSGF started 3 years ago is continuing to flourish […]

August… where did you go?

Why hello September. August sure did fly by. Looking through our pictures just now it’s no surprise I feel like that. It was a busy month for Jared and I… in a good way. Here are a few pictures of what we’ve been up to! We said “goodbye” to our first MSCC intern: Austin. Thanks […]

Life in Japan… 1 year on

Today (October 6th) is our 1 year anniversary of living in Japan! Crazy, huh? We can’t believe it’s already been a year.. time has flown by. It seems like only yesterday we were hugging our parents good-bye, packing everything we own in a few suitcases and being terrified of learning this freaky hard language called […]