Happy Day

The first song we sang at church today was “Happy Day” by Tim Hughes. Do you know that one? “Oh Happy Day Happy Day you washed my sin away.” It was a great start to the morning and described today perfectly. It was a happy day. Meet Uki, your new brother in Christ. Today is […]

Top 12 of 2012

Happy New Year everyone! It’s still 2012 for another few minutes here in Japan… Jared and I are just trying to stay awake until 12:00… we’ll probably be in bed by 12:05 though. 🙂 Here are our top 12 from 2012!! 1. MSCC- Nagoya The church MSGF started 3 years ago is continuing to flourish […]

Celebrations Continued

And the Celebrations just keep coming!! Despite typhoon #17 just making landfall in our prefecture an hour ago we are rejoicing in hearing the news of another baptism at the Church in Osaka tonight! One of our friends, a Christian lady who attends the church here in Nagoya, introduced her friend to the church in […]

A New Look

As you can tell our blog got a face lift! The other night we (I mean Jared) moved our desktop from our bedroom out to the living room. Even though it doesn’t look the best it doesn’t matter because I’ll actually get to use the computer now (even if Micaiah is sleeping!) Our apartment is […]

New to the family

Jared and I wanted to introduce to you the newest members of our family. Our team family and church family that is. Judah Ackerman was born last Thursday night, August 12th, at 10:03 pm Japan time. His parents Mike and Erin are our teammates. It was crazy how fast he arrived. Mike called me Thursday […]