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Happy Day

The first song we sang at church today was “Happy Day” by Tim Hughes. Do you know that one? “Oh Happy Day Happy Day you washed my sin away.” It was a great start to the morning and described today perfectly. It was a happy day.

Uki's Baptism

Uki’s Baptism

Meet Uki, your new brother in Christ. Today is his birthday. His Christian birthday that is. Today he received new life in Jesus. I met Uki last January, his first time to step through the doors of Mustard Seed Christian Church Nagoya. Even before that day God had already been moving in his life. Uki’s best friend and roommate in college, Atsushi, accepted Christ and was baptized in our bathtub on March 11th, 2012. After Atsushi’s baptism he felt the desire to be sharing with his friends about how Jesus had transformed his life and how he could change their lives too. So Atsushi brought Uki to church. A guy named Yuuhei brought Atushi to church. Yuuhei brought Atsushi who brought Uki and all three of these men are now Christians. Christians living in a country with very very few other Christians. What are these men going to do for Jesus here? I don’t know… but I can’t wait to find out! Pray with me that God would use them in a powerful way to bring many more people into the loving arms of Christ. Pray that Uki would grow into a strong, bold, passionate disciple of Jesus desiring to share the Good News with others. Also, ask God to protect him from the attacks of the evil one who desires to snatch this newfound faith in Christ away from him. Thank you God for Uki and his decision to follow Jesus!

Welcome to the family!

Oh Happy Day. Jesus has washed my sin away. Jared and I wouldn’t be here in Japan if it wasn’t for Jesus. If we didn’t believe whole-heartedly that He is our Savior and the Savior of the world we would have stayed at home. What an amazing God we serve. We thank God for days like today, to see and celebrate one soul who was lost and now is found. Praise God for His mercy and grace, for never giving up on us, for being a God who is patient with us not wanting anyone to perish but all to come to repentance. (2 Peter 3:9)

God, please continue moving in Japan. Keep changing heart and lives. Your Kingdom come here Lord we pray. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


One comment on “Happy Day

  1. So thrilled to hear about your day! I am so encouraged when I read your blog posts and happy to hear your family is doing well! It was my pleasure to be present for Jordan’s ordination recently and to hear him speak – he did an excellent job and spoke encouraging words to the congregation at FCC regarding his time there.

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