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Day at the Farm/愛知牧場

It’s funny to think I just spent half a day visiting a farm. Jared and I both grew up around people who had farms and for many of our friends it was their livelihood. In Japan visiting a farm (at least if you live in the city) is a unique experience. You have to travel outside the city to see one and then to get to pet a cow… that is pretty cool! They have all kinds of “experiences” you can do at the farm from potato digging, to milking a cow, to learning how to make butter. The smell of the farm sure made me miss Kansas!

Aichi Bokujyo (愛知牧場) was where we went and it’s in the city of Nisshin right outside of Nagoya. We had the time so we took “the low roads” and it took us about 50 minutes to get there. It was a nice little trip though and the best part was: it was free! But when you get there of course you want to feed all the animals so we spent about 500yen ($5) buying food and it costs a whopping 200yen ($2) to get in the petting zoo but overall it was still a cheap, fun-filled family outing at the farm! Micaiah did surprisingly well feeding and petting all the animals. He was a bit scared of the horses but I don’t blame him… those things are big! My favorite part were the Mara’s or I guess in English we call them the “Patagonian mara”. Are there Mara’s in America? I don’t think I had ever seen one before today. Anyway, they are so cute and fun. They were really friendly, too. Jared’s favorite was the goats and Micaiah loved the guinea pigs.


Micaiah and the Mara

We always love to explore Nagoya and we hope to go back to the farm again someday!



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