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First Sunday in Imaike

This past Sunday (March 17th) we had our first church service at the new building. It was awesome. I can’t even begin to describe the emotions I felt after stepping off the elevator into the burnt orange lobby with doors that opened up into a large room that is our worship center. Three and a half years ago I remember walking up a spiral staircase into a small dark room that was the party room of a sports bar and not even caring that it smelled like smoke and alcohol… all I remember was being excited that a new church was starting in a city that had 9 million people and that less than 1% of them knew Jesus. One more church would provide one more chance for someone to hear the Gospel preached in their native tongue and give them one more opportunity to put their faith in Jesus. It is a powerful message and the best part of it is that it’s true! Mustard Seed Christian Church Nagoya has been committed to sharing that message from God’s word week after week for three and a half  years now. Seeing the transformation in the lives of those that God has touched through our church is humbling and amazing to have seen and been a part of.  I love God’s global church. To be a part of a church family  that has people from all over the world is wonderful. Weekly I feel like I get a glimpse of what heaven will be like. Singing songs in Japanese and in English we get a double dose of the meaning and depth of the words that are being sung to God. God, the creator of all the languages of the world, deserves all the praise, in every language at all times forever and ever.

Strikers Sports Bar

Strikers Sports Bar

Studio Nexx

Studio Nexx

I wish I could take you all on a virtual tour of our new place… maybe I’ll work on making that happen! But to see how our locations have changed and progressed over the years is so exciting. God’s church is growing and we are thankful to have you all alongside of us.

Some of my observations from our first Sunday were:

-The worship feels more intimate in this new space. At the dance studio the ceilings were really high and with them being lower here you can actually hear people singing. It felt like everyone was more connected during worship time.


-From the 7th floor we have an outstanding view of the city and all the people that are walking around Imaike at all times. All you have to do is simply look out the window and see that “the harvest is plentiful.”

-The kids class space is so much bigger, and cleaner, and the wall isn’t peeling, and there isn’t a big sink protruding into the kids play space, and it doesn’t smell bad… well, you get the picture 🙂 It’s a great space for the kids to learn and grow and enjoy and hear God’s word!

Kids Room (Studio Nexx)

Kids Room (Studio Nexx)

Kids Room (Imaike)

Kids Room (Imaike)

-The entryway/foyer was the perfect space for everyone to hang out after church and enjoy refreshments. Also this space will be open at all times so people from the church can go hang out there whenever they want. Micaiah loved running around this area before church.

FirstService 35

I can’t say this enough: Glory to God for providing the perfect place for MSCC Nagoya to meet for a very, very, very long time. We can’t wait to see how God uses this space to continue to grow the church and watch it thrive!


One comment on “First Sunday in Imaike

  1. Thank you for the Mother’s Day wishes–hope yours was so good too. You are a wonderful momma! Give Micaiah x’s and o’s from us–hope the new church is still going well!!

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