Our walk to church

With MSCC moving to a new location in a few weeks I thought I would write about our weekly walk to church. Now that it’s pretty cold here we don’t always walk but if it’s somewhat warm out (or even if it is cold but the sun is out) we walk! Also, a few months ago I bought a “Mama Bike” we ride it to church often as well. The first time we rode it Micaiah screamed his head off the whole time and threw a fit when I made him wear his helmet. Now that he’s used to it though I think he actually enjoys going on bike rides. Other than walking or riding the bike to church we have also gone by bus, subway, train, and taken a taxi once or twice. The options are endless. We like to walk though because well… it’s good exercise, it’s fun, and it’s free.

My "Mama Bike"

My “Mama Bike”

I have really grown to enjoy our walks to church and Micaiah has too I think. His childhood will be half a world away (literally) than my childhood. His experiences are so incredibly different than mine were. It’s fun to see him enjoying these little things, like walking to church, that I never would have experienced growing up. I must say though that when I write “walking” I’m talking about me walking and pushing Micaiah in the stroller. Even though he can walk now if he were to actually WALK to church it might take us a good hour or so.

From walking out our door to the dance studio the church meets in it takes us about 35 minutes. I am an EXTREMELY slow walker but on most Sundays if we can get out the door on time it’s a nice walk and we don’t feel rushed.


Micaiah has also learned how to wave recently and when he waves he does it with both hands. He likes to wave at everyone and everything. Other children, cars, dogs, people, the elevator door when it closes. It makes me smile. There is a lot of waving going on during our walks and because Japanese people don’t usually wave, they bow, it makes me even more happy when people wave back at him. 🙂


Hello there!

Some of the more interesting things we’ve seen on our walks to/from church are:

-a site down the street from our house where Christians were executed during the 1600’s during the Edo Shogunate when Christianity and all things “foreign” were expelled from Japan… it turns out there is even a museum on that site dedicated to the Christians who were executed there

The sign at Ekokuji Temple

The sign at Ekokuji Temple

-a playground that was originally the site of the first dissection of a human body in Nagoya

What a creepy place to put a playground...

What a creepy place to put a playground…

-One Sunday we came upon a big ol’ dead fish laying right in the middle of the sidewalk

-We got to see the friendly neighborhood fire-fighters doing their morning work out on their exercise mats outside of the firehouse. I remember they were really nice and said “Good Morning” to us when we passed

-At that same firehouse on our way home from church once they were doing some kind of drill where they were climbing out widows and hanging by ropes (Micaiah thought that was fun!)

-One of the first times we walked to church after Micaiah was born we passed a little girl dressed in her Kimono for the 3, 5, 7 celebration (where they celebrate 3, 5, and 7 year olds) She was beautiful!

So cute!

So cute!

Other things we’ve seen:

-groups of stray cats hanging out in Matsubara Park (our neighborhood park)

-people walking large groups of dogs

-the man standing on the street corner (every Sunday morning) with his mega-phone reading things from the newspaper about the dangers of nuclear power plants

And so much more!

Sometimes I forget that we don’t live what most people would call a “normal” life. But it’s our normal… and we love it.

We have had some good times on our walks to and from church and I’m going to miss them. Now that the location is moving farther away from where we live Micaiah and I will most likely ride our bike to the subway station and then take the subway to the new church building. We are looking forward to the move though and can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead at the new place!


2 comments on “Our walk to church

  1. Stephanie, Thank you for sharing your expereinces. I love reading about how God is working in your life and the lives of the japanese people. This semester I’m taking a class called Perspectives on the World Christian Movement. It’s all about the mission movement and the roles that God has for each of us. Please know that I will be praying for you and your family.

    • Thank you so much Niki! I took that Perspectives on the World Christian Movement in college and it was amazing! I hope that you enjoy it as well! How are you? Where are you going to school? We really appreciate your prayers.. thank you so much!

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